Creating my own blood effects and decals

Hello everyone,

first of all I’m completely new to content creation for games, I was always just the gamer.

I would like to start with creating my very own blood effects (when you hit someone and for the gibs) as well as the decals for it.

My assumptions:
The decals are simple textures which pop up on event X (Body/Gib hits floor or wall)?
The blood effecs are created via the particles system?

And then of course I need to in which file format I need to create all the splats and how to import them.

Programms avalible to me at the moment are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

So since I don’t really know where to start I’m asking for a little advice from the community.

You will need photoshop/gimp to create the textures. Therefore you can use a blood brush + a colour variation. :slight_smile:

decal -> you need a texture + alpha channel + decal actor. Take a look at teslas blood pack
blood splash -> particel system + a flipbook texture. Take a look at the blood splash from the shooter demo

You can find some great starter textures here - ://www.cgtextures/textures.php?t=browse&q=10251
Just about any format works in Unreal but I do here the use of TGA a lot for games…

You sound very new though so you’ll likely want to go through - it’ll walk through importing (but note this Engine is…EPIC… so importing is super easy…drag and drop in most cases…)

follow those and you’ll be a pro by the end of the month…also Check out his videos are short and awesome…

Welcome and can’t wait to see what you are working on…