Creating multiple assets in import

I was able to implement my own Asset (by using some of information found online) and actually import data to it from custom file (text format, but it doesn’t matter).
And now I wanted to know how it is possible to create extra assets when I import mine?

To give an example, when you import fbx file, you don’t get only mesh, you also get textures and materials. So I want to achieve something similar. When I import my custom file, I also want to generate extra assets. For example I want to be able to import list of sound files and for each generate its own sound asset. I hope you get the idea.

If I understand correctly, when I import my asset in FactoryCreateText function I should call other factories to create extra assets. What would be the right way to do that?


I know it’s been ages since you asked this. But did you manage to solve this? I have the same problem.