Creating mods

I was just want ask, can i use UE4 to create a photogrammetry Forest mod for Skyrim special edition, and post on the nexus site like all the other mod authors do, if so what do i need to port it over, and do i have to import the whole of Skyrim, into UE4 and will it be to massive outside of the maximum amount of quads please?

What is your goal?

Since Skyrim special edition has come along way since the Day one edition release of Skyrim special edition, and people continuing the increasing the visuals of the game creating higher quality mods, i thought why not go 1 step further, start increasing the game visuals and overhauls with photogrammetry ray tracing visuals by starting revegetating the Landscape from Riverwood all the way past the township of Falcreath using the photogrammetry forest pack, also to see if it will improve game performance, well as we all know all games created with UE4 has no glitches and bugs and the purity of UE4, if moders can create a Skyrim mod using Blender alot of nexus mods do then UE4 should also have that ability also.

The Skyrim creation kit is so absolutely very bad and buggy, i think import Land of Skyrim into UE4 for crafting and replace all forests grassland, with UE4 environmental assets from my UE4 library by matching the types of forests.

There is nothing in UE4 that would be relevant to modding Skyrim. If you want to upgrade some assets in Skyrim then that would be something completely independent from UE4.
If there’s something from the Marketplace that you want to use to upgrade Skyrim, you are allowed to use them in other game engines except for anything from Epic Games themselves.

Landscape systems are very specific to a game engine, you can’t simply import the landscape from Skyrim into UE4 and then edit it and send it back. For example in UE4 has a system that manages the level of detail on the landscape along with things like landscape materials and foliage systems, that’s something that’s specific to UE4 and Skyrim would also have something similar but would not be in any way compatible with UE4.

Thank-you for your help.