Creating Game Ready Textures

Hello world,

I’m now entering into the world of textures (which, btw, is the final piece for completing my game). Im trying to create simple textures from royalty free photos/Images on the web.

I honestly have no clue what do the terms normal, diffuse, specular, etc mean but I am currently experimenting via trial and failure.

Any cheat-sheet/crisp pointers about how to achieve good/realistic game ready textures (without dwelling too deep into textures and materials) would help me greatly.

P.S.: Its for the mobile (android) platform.

EG: I got this texture from [][1].

I Cropped the image to 1024x1024 and imported it into unreal as a material.

After applying to mesh:

In Game Level:

How do i make in game texture look as good as the downloaded texture ?

Directing me towards tutorials/training sessions you might have come across for beginners would also help.

Anything apart from the standard ue documentations though. :wink:


Making material is not easy, but most important for you on this stage is make textures tiled. Here is not bad tutorial:

and I think you should search on google/bing: “how to make tile seamless textures”.

You can do it in free tools like or easier in photoshop or special software for it - no ads here, you can find it easy.

And as I see, you should just rotate and scale your material even when will be good tiled.

But for your start, I sugest you should find some already tiled seamless textures and play with it some. For your roads, it need for example only right scale and rotation what is much easier than create tiled materials from photos.

And tip for future. Maybe you need grassy road/path tiled material for your road mesh, but I think you should rather use grass terrain material (is in starter content or in free assets on marketplace) and you should create road like this as a material blend Landscape Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

These are some real good inputs to begin with. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Vertex Painter: The following was really useful in my case.

Using a simple texture and then painting grass onto the necessary actors.

Tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Vertex Paint (english) - YouTube