Creating Game Creation Tools Within UE4? (Detals Inside

Hey Unreal Community! I apologize ahead of time if this isn’t the appropriate thread to post this question.

My friend has this desire to make a 3d game, but, like many, he doesn’t have the time to learn a 3d engine (or so he claims.)
I was hoping I could help him out there.

The main part of my question is a bit strange to describe. I want to create a 3d realtime engine of sorts within Unreal (this part I’m sure can be done.) Nothing fancy, just a sort of editor where you can drop premade objects into the game world. Here’s the part I’m concerned with though: I want to export that “editor” of sorts as a standalone application. I then want him to be able to use that to post his own standalone from within it. I haven’t this slightest clue if this is even possible, although I doubt it.

I’m aware all this may sound a bit silly, but all I need to know if this is possible within Unreal. I’ve been developing games for quite a while now, and I’m sure that, with time, I can do it if it is in fact possible.

Sorry in advance for my lack of knowledge with UE4 (I’m currently downloading it.)
Thank you in advance!

Not silly at all. In fact there have been times were we opt to prototype real editor functionality like this using the game state since it can be much faster for certain people than doing the prototype in code.

At the end of the day you can do all of the stuff by spawning actors, you simply need a way to save all the spawned actors.

I have not tried this yet but I was actually thinking of doing it soon. Basically the idea is to configure a save game asset with a bunch of arrays for your spawned actor data. It may help to make a struct for each type. For example you could make “placed static mesh” a struct. It would have a “static mesh” variable, “local” “scale” etc and anything else you may want to edit. Then you add a variable of this struct type to your save game BP and make it an array. Then whenever you save your game, you need to do “Get all Actors from Class” and find all the placed meshes you need to save (perhaps you use a custom tag on the placed meshes to make this easier) and add them each to the array.

Then when you load you should be able to read back that array you just loop through the contents of that array, re-creatring the meshes and setting whatever location/scale/material assignment variables that were stored.

It is worth a shot at least.

That all sounds sounds very promising! I still don’t quite understand alot of it because of my lack of knowledge of UE4, but i plan to be up and running with it soon, so no worries there. I’m still confused on whether he could export his own standalone.

Just to reiterate:
I want to export my editor as it’s own standalone. I then need him to be able to use that standalone, to export his own. Essentially, i need my standalone editor to be able to export other standalone programs. If that’s not possible, I suppose I can just explain to him how to use what i’ve made within UE, but I’d prefer the first option.

Thank you for your help!

He is a very picky one XD

Sorry for the bump…

If he doesn’t have time to learn UE4, but you have the time to make a program where he can dump a load of pre-made static meshes and whatnot, why does he need a standalone app as opposed to working with you? If you make all the content, he can drag+drop them into the world. Forgive me if I’m missing the point :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t get it.

If his “desire to make a 3D game” is strong enough, he’ll find the time to develop the skills necessary to do it :slight_smile:

Hello irishmaniac2000,

In short. It can be done. I’m developing a suite of Blueprints-based Editing Applications embeddable in other games, providing in-game editing features for procedural and modular entities:

Each makes use of UE4’s network replication to support multiple users simultaneously and share data. Each provides an in-game UMGUI Frontend/Backend. Using the Backend, Game Devs can collaboratively prefabricate Character Armor, Monsters, Melee & Fire Weapons, Armors, Props, Crafts, and Level Architecture for Treasure Hunts/Tournaments. Using the Front end, Players can collaboratively customize Character, Armor, Melee & Fire Weapons.

Good Luck to you.

Thank you for confirming that this can be done! Now that i now this, I will start researching and developing. I very much appreciate the help from everyone! Very pleased so far with my short time in the UE Community.