Creating character content for the marketplace/community What do you need?

I’m currently in the process of developing character packs for the market place and I wanted to reach out to the community and see what you guys would ideally like in future packs?

you can find samples of my work here: ArtStation - robert brown

you can also email me directly here for specific requests:

Fantasy based characters

Hey man !

Good to see you here ! I recently purchased your Ogre King video tutorials on Gumroad ! Good luck with your submission, I am sure it will be great


Will you models be compatible with either of the two creation systems?

The world needs more humanoids subject to medical experiments / general ‘lab’ patients.

I really want to see humanoid in exosuit :confused:


Wonderful feedback guys! The fantasy and Sci fi are definitely doable! Currently I have a few things in deveopment for a Halloween character pack release. Ideally ill be releasing full character packs covering an array of genres ( dungeon crawlers, sci fi suits, Alien, Humanoids, horror and haunted themes… etc) with a focus on quality over quantity. Keep your request coming so i can continue adding it all to my repository. Cheers!

Glad it was helpful. I’m currently working on a new Gumroad project focusing on digital sculpting and understanding FORM as a language. The release is schedule for late OCT and will cover a range of topics such as

  1. Evolving the cliché through character exploration
  2. Tertiary form
  3. Form as a frequency
  4. Diffuse edges and hard edges
  5. Shape language and themes
  6. Creating gradients within detail shifts
  7. Measuring proportions
  8. Form and function
  9. Telling story with form and mark making.
  10. Creating blend shapes for character transitions and morph targets.
  11. Retopology and an overview of the modelling toolkit in maya 2016!

+1 for fantasy creatures.

Also a request for any character you do (as scifi also interests me) please include an optional version with eye and jaw bones. It’s really hard to revamp characters not set up for it to have them, and they help improve character quality a ton (look at things, simple mouth flap etc.).

I would like to see nice medieval characters, either civilians like a blacksmith or military ones like knights, without any fantasy elements.

Consider the TPP version rigged to the UE4 generic skeleton (so anim packs we can buy in marketplace work with it), as well as just the arms for a FPP to work with the FPP skeleton… (Or perhaps just one without a head so the camera can be set there for full body FPP.

Wonderful feedback guys! Adding it all to the list.

generic animal packs

All the realistic character types in the marketplace are male.

How about showing the ladies some love? A female character please.

Doesn’t have to be vampire or succubus or something extreme. Just - you know - a woman done well enough to be an interesting main character. I like Nilin from “Remember me” very much…


Faith from Mirrors Edge.


Lara Croft from the tomb raider reboots.

All excellent protagonists - maybe something along that line?
Maybe even with different looks, like “ready to fight” and sci-fi casual?

Also how about a third option - “holographic” - for example like Cortana from halo, or something.

Personally I look for a female character that has those three aspects: combat, casual and “spectral”, and the design of which can demonstrate beauty and strength without being overly sexualized. I think the above example do that well.

I’m not sure what your custom work would cost but I’m almost tempted to ask :slight_smile:



A set of characters inspired by Paul Gerrard (Company of Shadows) would be great!

Anything that doesn’t looks like: “generic MOBA character #45”, “generic cartoonish big-headed character #464” or “yet another zombie/horror creature #67

My preference is for fantasy or medieval characters (representing one of the usual rpg classes, like paladin, priest, archer, etc…)
or believable, biologically plausible, not predator/alien-like aliens :slight_smile:

Sets of mix and match medieval armor pieces (ex. Helmet, Torso, Legs, Gauntlets), aquatic themed characters (scuba gear, scifi diving suit, etc.), or people in outfits like characters in Resident Evil and Deep Fear wore would be useful.


Personally I look for a female character that has those three aspects: combat, casual and “spectral”, and the design of which can demonstrate beauty and strength without being overly sexualized. I think the above example do that well.
I’m not sure what your custom work would cost but I’m almost tempted to ask :slight_smile:


Would be interested, too. “Real” females, no dolls. :slight_smile:

Wonderful feedback guys. Yep there is a definite need for female characters which i have taken note of.

Hello RBrown

I’m not sure how I missed this thread. Awesome Portfolio Robert!

I’d like to put in my request.

For unknown reasons, many Character artists are under the impression Game Devs purchase assets from marketplace with intent to use for prototyping and demo. This is not the case for most of us. I personally would prefer to use these assets in production. Why not? The challenge is making the assets unique in some fashion, as the same assets are being used in hundreds of other games.

The solution is *characters *designed to be customized. Characters with interchangeable parts/accessories and customizable materials. Another consideration, is that many games desire to offer some form of Player Character Customization. This is a feature I would like to offer as well. Just look at the multitude of Open World Survival, MMORPGs, etc works in progress on the forum, I’m certain they all want to offer player customization its expected feature in these genres. Even games that have no customization can use a customization system to pre-fab all characters in the game.

So, I would encourage a modular approach providing Male & Female Face & Basebody with Morphs. A set Clothing Garments and materials to complete the first set. Afterwards, supplement the set with a never-ending supply of high quality head/face/basebodies shapes, armors and accessories, and materials. You could probably do well with offering a upgrade accessories/armors for the UE4 mannequin. LOL. Even if you decide to produce a certain type of Character, please produce supplemental assets for it.

Look forward to your products on the Marketplace.