Creating braid in UE4

Hi guys, just recently started bringing my character into UE4. I’m pretty much happy with the result ,
I used many techniques from that article

Hair looks nice , but when I started doing braids for her, can’t solve this problem when it is too translucent.
Can’t keep this good hair-looking reflects and to show that the braid has thickness.
Other shaders look not that realistic as hair shader.

I tried few ideas. Made inside part not with hair shader to prevent light going through the braid. And it didn’t go good.

In shadows braid looks ok, but when the lighting is behing, you can see that weird result.
I played with scatter parameter, but it makes or absolutely black, or this result. Nothing in between.

Does someone know solution , or there is something I din’t know about the shader.
I would really appreciate it. Thanks!