Creating Avatar:Last Airbender 4 element effects

So I have been messing with particle systems and want to try to create at least fire and air bending particle effects in the popular cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender (rock will probably be mostly static meshes and water being a mesh controlled by a spline). Firebending is more of 1 single entity of fire that can expand or shrink based on the power behind it. Air is this translucent ribbon type particle that moves in a flowing motion, but can be created with bursts.

I know these are terrible explanations, but i am no artist and was looking for pointers on how I would go about doing this. If you would like more explanation I would be glad to expand upon it, or just try googling firebending or airbending!


First of alll - watch this series
Also check out this tutorials, they are focusing on creation more old school SFX, but they are look pretty and can learn some good basic SFX stuff

How to bend tools towards particular elements - your puzzle :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, not sure how i didn’t find this! Thank you very much :slight_smile: Just needed a guiding hand as I am unfamiliar with this stuff!

i made this pro bending arena ight be useful

I had a great idea for the bending controllers, think complicated street fighter style sweeps for water, lots of down movement (stomps) for earth, button held then moved towards target for fire and wind would be 360 rotations with jumps.

But I have no idea how you read analog inputs that are arc based or circle based (think projectile input in street fighter)