Creating an object editor tool?

I’m attempting to create a level kit for the marketplace and I wanted to make a built-in tool that allows the user to customize the assets (cycle through only specific static meshes and edit materials using color sliders or numerical inputs) while still in editor. My plan is to allow the user to drop a modular segment into the level and using a separate tool to customize it, cycllng through different configurations while still fitting with surrounding modules, and change its color scheme. While the UI allows the user to replace any static mesh with any other and also select any material to apply to it, I want to create actor blueprints where the user can only replace the static mesh (or meshes if it’s a combination of more than one) with objects from a designated list and edit the material applied to it without creating numerous instances or effecting other modules. I am still trying to figure out if this is a good way to go, I’m not sure how a level made entirely of actor blueprints, each with their own customization, will effect performance or respond to lighting and post process. If there is an easier way to create such a tool, I’m open to those ideas as well.