Creating an in-water/underwater room while using the Ocean plugin?

Hello everyone! I’m generally new to using Unreal 5, but so far it’s been pretty good with getting things in-place, and I am admittedly not exactly on the top of many things, and running to use an experimental Ocean plugin is probably reckless.

But that aside, I am trying to create something like an underwater room in with the Ocean plugin. The physics for the Ocean aren’t in place yet, and that’s OK. When I am underwater, the water is entirely clear. I’m OK with that too, as I’m just learning and I’m sure there’ll be something I will learn in order to tint it in the future. And yeah, the entire room area is currently untextured. I’m also OK with that.

The first screenshot is just showing about the ocean itself, the second pic is a simple hole to drop down into which is currently filled with water (which I’d like to remove), and the third pic is the view from below the hole.

I’d like to know if there’s any way to remove the water from the below room at all, or if it’s not currently possible as the plugin is experimental. It’s entirely possible that I just need to learn more before even attempting to mock something like this up, but I want to know either way! I’ve tried to use both a WaterBodyExclusionVolume and a blocking volume to no avail, so any suggestions would be of great value.

Thanks for your help well in advance!

Hey did you ever find a solution to this?

Unfortunately, I have not!