Creating an Aim Offset

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It might be easier to use a Aim Space 1D and use the Anim Blueprint to blend between directions. After creating your offset, did you add it to the Anim Graph of your character’s Anim Blueprint? If not, drag and drop it onto the graph and reconnect it to the final anim pose. You could add a float variable to tell the Aim Offset what angle to aim at and it should position the animation to aim in a specific angle.

Yes. That is it. Does it work now?

I have followed [this][1] guide step by step and my character doesn’t aim anywhere when I move my mouse. It only spins around as it would by the default Third Person blueprint. How can I fix this ?

If more screenshots are needed please tell me

I can crouch, jump and move around but the character is always in his Aim_Center animation when I move the camera. There is also a bug when you move forward by pressing W and jump by pressing Space at the same time after W and when you stop pressing all buttons and the character stops he jumps again without me pressing any buttons. The character jumps twice by his own will after jumping while running.
I am very new to game development and endless of tutorials on YouTube led me to no results into what I want and they make it so complicated when the official Unreal Engine tutorial helped me to crouch in 30 minutes when tutorials on YouTube change settings that are better left off and unchanged and they always hit a wall because they changed their blueprints so much that they don’t even know what’s going on.
I am now completely staying with the official Unreal Engine tutorial documents and videos since what they are doing is much more logical and simplified.
Could you demonstrate your solution by screenshots ?

I think this is what you meant. I followed all the steps provided by the guide

It was there previously. I just didn’t post all the screenshots


The guide works fine. I have followed it step-by-step in the past and got the intended result.

You must have missed or messed up with some step.

By looking at the issue and assuming the AimOffset is tested to be fine maybe it is somewhere in STEP - 3.

Sadly your screen shot is too hazy when zoomed to see what you did.

Good Luck!

I zoomed in

Oh, I see what is wrong. I think this should solve it.

Works perfectly now !!!

Still ONE problem though. When you move forward and jump while moving forward and then stop and release all keys the character jumps again for no reason

Watch this small video to see my problem (OLD VIDEO)

I have recorded and uploaded a video on YouTube. >>THIS<< is the link. Please watch it to understand my problem (Updated Video)

That fixed that problem but apparently there are more problems now. When the character jumps in place without moving the running plus jumping animation plays. Remember when he used to run jump and then stop and jump ? That second jump was the idle jumping animation. Now he’s using the jumping while running animation which makes it look like he’s landing from running. when he’s idle.

If possible there needs to be a delay before he can jump again because if you run and start spamming jump he starts playing different animations but if you press jump and wait a second and press jump while running again he will play a consistent animation. Spamming jump needs to be prevented.

Thank you for going through with all this

This needs to be played when he’s jumping while idle

And this needs to be played when he’s running and jumping

You need to refine that by code. As far as stand jump animation goes you can simply, add transition rule that when he is idle play a different animation. Watch UE4 official tutorials on their youtube page and explore sample projects to learn more.

Here is the link.

This playlist helped me a lot learning about UE4

Best of luck.

To me it looks broken but I really do appreciate your help though. Thanks man

Hello ? I don’t want to switch to Unity 5 because I’m stuck on probably the easiest thing to fix

The comment I deleted was a partial solution. My internet is giving me a headache today. Apparently ONLY 2 out of 10 photos were showing for god knows what reason

This is the full solution I was trying to convey -

Please try this and then tell me what happened. I understand your problem so you do not need to post videos as I was getting it too.

This time I have hosted the images on a different website. Hopefully it works.

Follow the images step-by-step. Ignoring the top most image. That is how it will look after all the steps.

Also, make sure to do necessary backups before editing your code.