Creating a vortex... can't find the Attractor Line

I’ve been trying to create a vortex effect but all of the tutorials I can find talk about the Attractor Line or Line Attractor which I can’t find anywhere.

Has it been removed?

The only attractor I can find is Point Gravity.

I’ve tried using the ‘orbit’ module but I can’t get the right result combining it with the Point Gravity module.

Does anyone know how to add an Attractor Line in 4.8.2?

It’s here. Right click in the column where you want to add it.

That would be the logical answer, however I have this:

Is there some sort of setting to turn on and off availability of certain modules?

Ah, found it, the menu is different for GPU particles.

That’s a pain, I guess creating a GPU particle vortex isn’t going to be very easy (I have thousands so that’s the only viable option).

Vector fields are too messy due to their discreet nature unless I crank the subdivisions so high that it’s causing performance problems.

I think I’ll have to look at doing it a different way, bit of a shame as that seemed like a really simple plan. Thanks for the help though.