Creating A Top-Down Multiplayer Shooter Using Blueprints

Parts of this series were tacked onto a thread for an older series, so I thought I’d bring them all into space and update with the more current videos at the same time!

The playlist is at null - YouTube

In this series, I walk through the basic framework of creating a single player game that supports 1st and 3rd person viewpoints. The idea is not to complete a fully fleshed-out game, but to provide the foundation for the viewer to understand concepts and to be able to expand upon what they learn to make their own games. This includes setting up extendable weapons, extendable character classes, multiple enemy types, sound, music, level streaming and more!

Now’s a good to time to hop on for those who are interested, as I’ve done a ‘soft’ reset to clarify the remaining items to be covered in the series.