Creating a simple player inventory system?

Hello everyone,

I have been searching for a place to learn how to make a simple inventory. I am not looking for anything crazy just something I can implement and expand upon. I have some knowledge of C++ but have not ever applied it to game development, especially UE4’s library. If anyone could help me stub out a simple system that will allow me to pick up items and then place them in other locations based on where the player is looking. Also if anyone knows of a decent tutorial this would help me out just as much.

Just start simple and begin with implementing the pick-up-item ability in blueprint.

Check out the Content Examples, there you will find a blueprint which you can pick up. Have a look at that.

ill check this out but I was wanting to attempt this using C++. This is still great advice though.

For picking up and releasing objects have a look at the attaching/detaching functions of the actor class: