Creating a River Blueprint?

Hello all! I would like to create a river blueprint but I am not exactly sure how to go about this. I want to create something similar to this:


With the flow and everything. How would I create something like this? I figured that now that we have spline components, someone has done it already. :smiley:

Search the forums here for FluidSurface, it’s a plugin which will get you a water surface that has ripples when the player walks through it. The rest of it is mostly just material work - making a scrolling foam material for the rapid parts, basically, and the rest making it so it’s nice and blue like that.

Hi ,

Some things to be aware of.

The FluidSurface plugin referred to can only be used with the source build of the engine and has to be compiled using Visual Studio 2013 (Free Express version will work as well).

The material setup is a big part of what you’re seeing as well. To use something like this in a Blueprint I would suggest the Blueprint Spline to easily make a river mesh that could follow and contort along the spline for your river.

If you need an example of Splines in Blueprints you can check out the Content Examples BlueprintSplines map for some examples of how to set this up. It’s a pretty powerful system with some cool features!

If you have any problem or questions getting it setup feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

I would also recommend you to take a look at the river material from udk -> it’s a pretty basic one on which you can build up your own better materials


(it’s from the epic citadel)