Creating a particle like effect that is form fitting and easy to re-use

I’d like to create a “stasis” like field effect around objects. Unlike most implementations which just appear to be a spherical shape, I want my effect to be form fitting, kind of like this horribly low def picture:


Or if there are any fans of Stargate: Atlantic, like the Ancient personal shield device (terrible picture below):


But so far I haven’t found a good way to do this. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

I’d rather not have something that requires me to add a bunch of stuff to the material of any object that can have this effect.

Really you’re looking at a material and not a particle…It’s going to stay in the UV space of your Mesh best although I’m sure it’s quite possible with a particle effect…
If you’re not looking to add things to the existing materiasl I suggest switching materials when the Stasis is added…Make a flexible MIC and get the Textures needed to recreate most of your objects/actors and switch their materials when this effect is applied…