Creating a multi event seen

Hello everyone.

I need help! I am creating a seen with crystals that have lights. Now all the lights on the crystals are turned off but when you walk up the crystals the light turns on. I have that part figured out. I have 10 crystals that you need to walk up to and touch to turn on the lights. My question is I have 11 crystals in total. The last one I want to turn on only when all other ten crystals have been touched.

So basically I need to touch ten crystals,
Than I can touch number 11.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Again I have the turning on part figured it out. Its just having the player touch the first ten crystals before he can touch number 11.

You could make an event dispatcher that fires whenever you activate a crystal, then on your 11th one you can check the activation state of the other crystals, if they are all lit up then it can activate.

Thanks I appreciate the help! However I am just learning blueprints is there anyway you can create just quick example on how something like that would look like?

Google is your friend - Event Dispatchers | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks bud I will have a look see!

Ok am still confused. I understand what a event dispatch does. However how do i check to see the activation on the other cystals?

on the crystal you need to bind an event to the event dispatcher, so that when the event dispatcher is triggered the event on the crystal will trigger.