creating a more natural lighting for the fire. (with point light)

this is the first video that I will be making for other cool things that might be useful in unreal engine 4.

if there is anything that could be improved (in the system or in the video) please mention that :smiley:

Cheers guys!

Get rid of the Delay Node in Tick.
If you want to change the Lighting every X seconds, simply change the Tick Rate of the Actor (keep in mind that it will affect other Tick Logic aswell, make sure only your light changes in Tick).
You may also use a Timer (and assign the Timer at BeginPlay), which replaces your Tick Event.

I for myself would use a LightFunction for that

Fire is constantly changing it position so you would need also change light position to match that. Point is also pretty bad match for fire shape. So at least change point light radius to get better arealight speculars. Small randomness to fire color could also make it little bit better.

Ps. Totally random values are not great for fire. Try to use some kind of more continuous curve like simplex noise to drive parameters.

This should give an idea.
I use a Lightfunction for the flickering.

Your light function sample texture with constant coordinate per pixel. Same can be done just per frame. Waste of performance. It’s also does not work on mobile.

Perhaps there are some flame like IES profiles to use with the point light