Creating a fog/mist sheet?

So I tried to dabble with the fog sheet in the BlueprintsOffice project, transferring it and all related materials to my own project. But for some reason the sheet just shows up as a black, flat plane. I noticed the section of the construction script for adding the static mesh wasn’t pointing to anything so I amendedt hat,m but whilst it all appears identical to the blueprint in the Office project, it still refuses to appear correctly.

Any help here? I’d like to spread this over the trees to imitate mist but this is quite irksome as atmospheric fog does little to help with that.


Have you looked into Exponential Height Fog?

Ah, now there’s an idea. tricky thing is though the scene needs to be at night, and for some reason the fog I’ve now added makes it rather bright.


You can set Fog Inscattering Color to a dark value and that should prevent the brightness you are seeing.

Are you simply copy assets or do Migrate?

Try this:

  1. Open Office project in UE Editor.
  2. Find BP_FogSheet blueprint
  3. Right click on this blueprint and select Migrate.
  4. In destination dialog, select content folder of you project and select OK
  5. Open you project in **Game\Assets\Blueprints**, you can see BP_FogSheet.
  6. Drop this blueprint into scene.

Thanks a bunch, that worked a treat. Now to just continue fiddling until I have a good night scene, add in trees/grass swaying in the wind and my project is almost done.