Creating a dream world.

I have been trying to create a white void type environment like or

I have tried setting all of the skybox material settings to white, adding white fog, and more, but it either looks washed out or the fog is so thick everything looks a bit washed out. Does anyone have any tips on recreating something like this?

Have you tried to use just a huge sphere with white unlit emissive material? Or localized postprocess effect where everything outside the masked area is just white with auto exposure settings.

I have thought of the skysphere thing, but my fear was that if I wanted it white enough I would have to set the emissive value pretty high and wash out the view. That localized PP thing looks like a good idea. It looks like I would be able to feather the border between the white and ground too.

Edit: are PP materials even capable of affecting the the PP volume’s typical settings such as LUT, tint, eye adaptation, etc?

Good question, I dont have any idea tbh.