Creating a donut of smoke

I am trying to create smoke that emits out like a donut.
I tried sending smoke sprites out X&Y not so much in Z. Then using alpha over time I tried to create the donut hole but it didn’t work. I would have thought this would have worked, but I was unable to get a defined donut shape.

Think of a rocket thruster igniting smoke and vapors emitting in a donut shape from the source of the thrusters.

Any ideas as to how I could achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

you could create a torus in a 3d program, skin it to a single bone and import it as a skeletal mesh. then you can emit particles from the mesh.

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About your question… Create a torus mesh, and put a translucent, animated material on it… :slight_smile:
Or particles with vector fields…

Im guessing you need an volumetric effect not just an circle on plane then just use an** cylinder** location module with the height on the X axis with the Height as big as you need your donut thickness to be also select the Surface Only and velocity options, on the Velocity Scale just make in an Distribution Float Uniform the bigger the range the bigger the distance between the interior and the exterior of the donut. Set you spawn rate to Burst (make the spawn rate to 0) and add as many particles you need

This is how they should look like

Thanks for replying. I chose to go with Cylinder spitting out sprites with velocity options turned on.

Personally I would use either FumeFX or Maya Fluids to create the donut effect you want then bring that into UE4. You could even setup a vector field in Maya with the fluid motion you want and bring that into UE4 if you want to get fancy.

This is a lot more advanced method of course; I mention it as one VFX artist to another.

When you say bring FumeFX or Maya Fluids into UE4 do you mean generate the images then create a sprite sheet, and use the sprite sheet in UE4 ?