Creating a decent moss material?


I am having some issues making moss look good. This is the texture I (temporarily use):

and this is the result with some macro color variation (and 3 way world space blending):

Even if I crank up the roughness it doesn’t really help it too much unfortunately. Any ideas?

Here is a nice way to create realistic looking moos… Crytek used this methode to create moos in Ryse son of rome…

Hmm, interesting approach, although as flexible as a brick and it relies more on geometry than on materials. Was an interesting read nonetheless, thanks.

Due to the fine structure of moss it tends to shade quite differently at grazing angles. Throw in a lerp with a fresnel term in the alpha. Reduce the saturation and raise the value of the base color at grazing angles and it should look a lot more like moss.

Shading | Unreal Engine Documentation Check out the Fuzzy Shading material function in that doc