Creating a black material that "swallows" light/bloom?

I want to create an effect like the one below, where I have a ring of light (high emmisive values, not actual light) around a black material. Currently the bloom effect will create a glow both inside and outside of the ring, but I want the black material on the inside to “swallow” the bloom effect so that the effect only affects the areas outside of the ring. Thanks!

It depends on how you want to do the effect but you won’t be able to do it physically accurate–so an actual bloom effect would not work

Don’t know if this would work for sure, it depends on the post process order of blendables, but maybe you could create a post process material that masks the objects that you want to be black.

You can try with negative emissive values. You need to enable this from material editor and then input really high negative value to emissive channel.

Yes! Exactly what I wanted, thanks! (for anyone else trying to do this, the option to enable this is “allow negative emissive color” in the material editor details panel). However, note that it only works with bloom effects in the same material, not one that come from other materials/objects.