Create VR Game based on Unreal Multiplayer Tutorial


my project is based of the tutorial series from Unreal…KsRg6fpxWndZqZ

As a follow up Wes Bunn added one VR Player (the host) in this tutorial (start at min 50)

For that one VR player he is using the VR MotionControllerPawn

Now I would like to keep my characters from the tutorial instead of using the MotionController Pawn. For that I added VROrign to my base character and gave every character HMD a different color:

I didn’t add the VR MotionControllerPawn like he did. Instead I kept the original.

I added “stereo on” to the GamplayPC on EventbeginPlay.

Thats the script for the base character so that the VR movement for HMD and Controllers is visible to each player (Run on Server)

Each function from those RepNotify variable has a similar script (Difference to the tutorial is, that I removed the “isServer” check)

Whats happen now is when I launch the game (I have two PCs each one with a vive headset, one server one client, LAN) we can see each other in VR and all movements we do. HMD and Controller.

BUT, the client player HMD has always the server color HMD. No matter what character the client chooses.

I hope someone can help here. I’m not sure if I have to spawn each VR actor separately but the spawning worked just fine for 3rd person characters.

Maybe I’m completely off track with my approach. Hope someone could follow what I did.