Create Visual Graph of Variables

Hi guys,I’d like to create something like this with UE4 UI and I was wondering which approach should I choose?
All pointers are appreciated :wink:

you could probably do it with a bunch of drawline2d nodes. I think you could calculate the points using the formula in the timestamp of this video.

the draw back is that it will just make lines and not color the interior of the polygon.

you may also be able to use a circle mesh and move the verts out with world offset.

This has to be done in C++, if you want it to be a widget thing, because you need to write a custom compoundWidget class in slate, which gives you access to FSlateDrawElement::MakeCustomVerts().

I am currently developing a radar chart like that, that also works with animated materials and multiple value layers.
When I’m done, I’ll put it onto the forum for free.
Nearly done, just wrapping everything up and do some adjustments. :slight_smile:

You can find the plugin here:
Forum Thread

Hi, is there any residue of the “free widget” that I could see?
I’m interested in understanding how slate works and I’m really struggling to find something in the documentation…

I noticed the links bring to the marketplace and tried your example project and I think it’s great but unfortunately it’s not what I need! The movable buildings were really interesting!

If you could re-upload an old not updated version it’s fine for me, I’d just like to see some c++ examples and learn which functions to use to draw inside a widget.

Thank you in advance!

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