Create together The Ultimate VR Solution

Name of the project: UNREAL VR TEAM

It’s simple: The Unreal Engine Forum groups a lot of skiils,
The Goal: Build The Ultiumate headset and tracking system for VR.

VVE PRO is not perfect for many points:

  • The Field of view is short
  • The Image is not really clean (only in the “soft area”)
  • We enocounter artefacts
  • The system of tracking is really nice but restricted

And we have not certitude about the PIMAX 8K. May we can propose an alternative:


  • A VR system without compromize of quality
  • A final price respectable
  • Use existing technologies or components, and offer a setup easy for everyone: Bleuprints (no C++)
  • Each contributors invests in the technologies required (or know that it works with this or this technology)


  • Choice of a display system with a large field of view: 160°-180° horizontal and 110°-130° vertical
  • A low latency sytem: no artefact, can work with a GT1080Ti
  • A clean image: even you move your eyes.
  • A simple traking system: easy to setup
  • An easy blueprint setup : no C++ or hard setup
  • Options : Dynamic Depth field - Brain control - Proprioception sensors


  • Bring the project to Kickstarter
  • Every guy of the team will have the consideration of a contributor and will take benefit to the project.


Guy having slills and motivation.
People doesn’t looking for immediate benefit, and who like challenge first.
You are welcome in the UNREAL VR TEAM…