Create Strong Wind/Storm effect on trees?

Hello, I have a bunch of trees and other foliage on my level. I want to create a hurricane/storm effect on them. These trees are assets from the UE4 store, not custom made. I tried searching for answers on internet but couldn’t found a straight answer. Any ideas how can I replicate this effect? Thank you.

Go into the materials of the tree leaves and put in a wind node. Adjust the inputs as you like to make it look like stormy-levels of wind.

If storm is a permanent part of your setup, you can just leave it like that.

Alternately, if you only want temporary storms that can be adjusted during gameplay, make the wind node inputs into a material parameter collection and adjust them with blueprint logic when needed. :slight_smile:

hey sorry for the late response it’s been a while since I’ve worked on this game. I get your idea, but that only works for leaves, how about moving the whole trunk? like its bending because of a very strong storm.