Create shader from maps

Hi everyone,
I am trying to automate my shader creation process.

  • I have all the maps exported from Xnormal, as JPG (albedo, normal, occlusion, metallic, roughness etc…).
  • They are all named consistently with the object name, and the map type (ie. T_frontDoor_occ.jpg, T_frontDoor_n.jpg etc…)
  • I have a master material that I manually created for the first object.

My question is as follow:
What is the best way to:

  • create a material (or material instance) with named consistently with the object (ie. MI_frontDoor)
  • find the right maps, and automatically load them onto the shader

Is there an existing tool/plugin that can do this?
If not, how would you go about automating this process?

I know what I need, but am a bit lost as where to start. Any pointers would be welcome.

There are some plugins allowing you to create a shader outside of Unreal, and convert it to unreal shaders (Substance, project Nile etc…). What I want is to have the shader being automatically created straight in the engine.

Thanks a lot!


Try MatBatchUEr.

Indeed, I this plugin is exactly what I neeed. Thanks!!

As for the JPG question, you’re right. It’s best avoided. For anyone interested, this post details why.