create session with steam set up fails

Hello every one,

I’ve been looking for different sources and tutorial to setup my game for steam but I can’t get it to work.
First, my DefaultEngine.ini looks like this:




And in the , I added those lines:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[]{..."OnlineSubsystem","OnlineSubsystemUtils"});


If I’m using the setup for OnlineSubsystemNull, it works fine. But with this setup, I have the following errors:

CreateSession - Invalid or uninitialized OnlineSubsystem
CreateSession - Cannot map local player unique net ID

which should mean that my setup is somehow wrong but I have no Idea what. I’ve been reading forums for days but none of the solutions seems to work. Thanks for the help.

Hey Maynlie,

The first thing to consider is, did you install the Steamworks SDK? You can read how here:

The second is, after you set up the Steamworks SDK, your DefaultEngine.ini,and [GameName].Build.cs files for Steam, did you compile your game project?

I had this link:

that said I didn’t have to download the SDK since the files are already in the Engine Folder (which is true, I checked it carefully). But I thought I also didn’t have to install it. So I’m following those step. Thanks for this, hope it will work.

So, I copied the necessary dll into the right directories (Win32 and Win64). Then, I builded my project in Visual Studio with the “Developpement Editor” option, and ran it. Still no change. I’m probably doing something wrong but I have no clue about what it is.

Problem solved. I was just silly enough to write [OnlineSubssystem] instead of [OnlineSubsystem]