Create rock solid "ragdoll"

After player gets eliminated, I want him to freeze solid and fall down (with add impulse), but how can I achieve that?

Currently I freeze animation with save pose, which works just fine, the issue is that I’m not sure how am I supposed to freeze character’s mesh. If I understand it correctly, I need to have PhysicsAsset attached to character’s skeletal mesh, so that I can detect collisions based on his mesh.

But after I eliminate player, enable simulate physics on character’s mesh (by default it’s disabled, only needed when player gets eliminated), character will just fall down with default ragdoll behavior, but I don’t want this ragdoll effect, I want him to be frozen and only moved by add impulse, where character’s mesh is going to be colliding with world.

I know this exists:

But not 100% certain it can be leveraged to achieve what you need. Perhaps it’s worth a peek if you’re desperate and no one else comes up with an answer.