Create political world map

Hi everybody,

I’m completly new to UE so sorry for my stupid questions :).
I’m a C++ programmer and as a hobby i want to play around with other stuff a little bit.

I would like to create a political map like the campaign map in Total war but with much less detail. It would be completly sufficient to me if it would be like the map in Plague Inc for example (

My question now is, what would be the best approach to do this?
I watched and read some tutorials of course but i would like to get the opinion of the professionals on how you would start working on that :).

Thank you very much for your tipps!
Best regards!

I suppose the first thing you would need to do would be to make up a mesh which is textured as your map. You have two options with the oceans, one being just having it as part of the mesh you’re using, and the other being using a plane with a water material on it (this only works if you’re using a map mesh that isn’t flat, because if it’s flat there’s no way have the plane intersecting with the mesh). Next would be to make up models for your cities or whatever. You’d need variations if they changed or anything like that.
Then you’d add text attached to your cities that has their names or any information that you need on them (this would be easy in Blueprints). You could also probably have icons that represent states (like on fire, quarantined etc.) attached to the city, and then toggle their visibility on and off. I suppose if you wanted a political map with provinces you could also do that, but I’m not quite sure about how. Perhaps with decals in the shape of provinces projected on to the map, and then changing colour of the decals based on the owner?

Ive been working on a Hearts of Iron style project myself, not entirely sure if im doing the province borders and such right but ive been playing around with 2D Tile Sets and Maps to see if that works.