Create Photorealsitic material

Good day,

I’m looking for a good understandable tutorial for Photorealisitc Materials.
There are many samples like the Realistic rendering demo, but for me
I do not find any good understandable Tutorial where you learn how to create very good materials.

This helps a bit but did not bring that result that I want.

This does also helps me a bit but not for me

As well as this Striving for Real-Time Photorealism - Unreal Engine

Gives me New Ideas how I can set up my worldsettings and so on but not as I want.

It might sound like that I want to have EXTREMLY SUPER HARDCORE TEXTURES 4D etc.

No I just want to learn what I have to do to get materials like in the Realistic Rendering demo

Yours faithfully

Well this is a question with no real answer. I’ve used UE4 for a few years and I still haven’t achieved photo realism albeit, I’ve gotten close. Its really a fact on
The Artistic eye
and knowledge of advanced material functions.

If you browse the UE Forums, there are free examples in the community content section. Some of those are great teachings on how to create good materials.

The artistic eye is something that you slowly learn and use. Its mainly learning what to “see” in the real world and then learning to “apply” in your fake ones.
(i:e seeing just how metal looks when its scratched and then learning how to do scratches properly inside the material editor)

Using advanced material functions is a pain in the a** the tutorials on these are not great, and the documentation is equally frustrating. It’s just a matter of reading, seeing, doing, and redoing. Trial and error. And eventually it will come to you.

Wow, thats really nice of you :slight_smile:

Yes you right, there some good advices in the Forums.

I just find out thats important that you have pbr Materials and good lightning conditions and of course post process etc.
In a few days maybe I buy some materials from the marketplace to learn with them.

But I thought it could not be that easy, because there are many videos on youtube with Photorealism.

Try bringing up a image or material of photorealistic material you find interesting. Then try to recreate it to the best of your ability. Then compare the two. Then after you do this. create a similar material but without photo assistance. Over time you won’t need the photo anymore.