Create Output Pin c++

Hey all,

I’m currently adding to a blueprint node of mine and need to add a second output pin.

I’m using the CreatePin Method to do so, but is expecting the PinSubCategoryObject to be a UObject*

UEdGraphPin* UEdGraphNode::CreatePin(EEdGraphPinDirection Dir, const FString& PinCategory, const FString& PinSubCategory, UObject* PinSubCategoryObject, bool bIsArray, bool bIsReference, const FString& PinName, bool bIsConst /*= false*/, int32 Index /*= INDEX_NONE*/)

Am I right in thinking this will be the output type? If so I want to output an array of FTransforms, how would I implement this?

Hi AgentMilkshake1 . If you wanna add more pins

	UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = Example)
	static void MyFunction(ULocalPlayer* LocalPlayer, AActor*& NewActor, FString& message);

Input Pins

ULocalPlayer* LocalPlayer

Output Pins

AActor*& NewActor

FString& message

Use & for output pins

It turns out that in the particular place I was trying to output a pin (a class based off of UAnimGraphNode_Base) I had to follow through with some override functions.

For example, I was trying to create an output pin for FPoseLink. To do so I had to add the following to my .cpp.

void UCustomGraphNodeClass::CreateOutputPins()
const UAnimationGraphSchema* Schema = GetDefault<UAnimationGraphSchema>();
CreatePin(EGPD_Output, Schema->PC_Struct, Text("Pose", FPoseLink::StaticStruct(), /*bIsArray=*/ false, /*bIsReference=*/ false, TEXT("Pose"));

I then had to add the override function within my FCustomAnimNode.cpp utilizing the output function that FPoseLink uses. In this case it is a function called

Evaluate(FPoseContext& Output)

I then placed all of my code the modify the pose as I wanted to, which I won’t cover in detail here, but as long as you have called and override all the correct functions, then it should be good to go (it will output the FPoseContext& Output)