Create Ocean?

Ok first of all i need to say this… creating a ocean in Unreal 4 makes no sense whatsoever.
The dev of Unreal could have easily made water a default blueprint or material upon creating a new landscape, and then instead of landscape you pick water… done!

Now you have to work with planes, and this is where got lost :slight_smile:

I create a plane… stretch the plane to whatever size i want… because a ocean is big. Then i put on my material (from water planes in learning section, imported to project) but it will stretch the whole texture out to immense ugly proportions.
I am sure this has everything to do with me doing it wrong :-), but i cant get it to work. I cant adjust the size of the texture, material on the plane… putting water on a new landscape makes you walk on water… this also happens on the plane.
In other words… my oceans are a complete mess… haha

I just want water… and fall thru the water… please make this easier in upcoming versions… in cryengine you have water at default… which makes it at least easier to craft your world.

So far for the whining :slight_smile:

Can someone please explain to me… how to make good looking water on a plane?.. not a swimming pool or lake or river… a ocean… huge! -)… swimmable.

creating water is quite simple, there are like 10000 vids on the subject.
i suggest you look into material basics, as all your problems are easily solved, tex coords to adjust the stretching, collision settings to fix your water being walk able.
10 seconds on google would have gotten you a link to Community-Project-WIP-Weather-amp-Ocean-Water-Shader

I got it working :-)… but… its a lake

I did spend more than 10 seconds on google :-)… For me… its quite a hassle to get some good looking oceans in unreal… i cant even fill my whole world with just water… only land.
Maybe i expected different in unreal :slight_smile:
I am still a noob tho, trying to understand.

Thanx for your help… i go from lake now… and see where this ends up.

the community ocean is an infinite ocean

wrong post