Create Normal map from (generated) height map

I created a generic vertex paint material, where you for example can paint cracks, puddles, potholes, dirt, etc. with the different vertex colors. Now I also want to add a parameter, with which you can control the depth of the different vertex paints. Therefore I want to generate a Normal map in unreal from *any *greyscale input. I know there is a function called “NormalFromHeightmap”, but unfortunately it’s not possible to input a float value into it and not even a texture parameter. It has to be a texture 2D, which is not really an option for me, since I am trying to create a generic parent material, where it’s supposed to be possible to put in any texture in you want, and then tweak it in the material. So is there any way to create a normalmap from a float value in unreal?

IIRC there’s a NormalFromFunction node that may do what you need.