Create Multi Pak Files

Hello Dear Community I want to ask something that I don’t know how to deal with
I want to split and create paks files such as
and such on…

can you help me with this situation

Hey lior,

It sounds like you want to generate chunks in packaging settings you will find this in the project settings. Next go to editor preferences > General > Experimental, there is an option called ‘Allow ChunkID assignments’ under the User Interface section. Enable that, and then when you right click one of your assets in the asset browser, you should be able to assign it to a ‘chunk’. Assets in the same chunk should then be packaged into individual .pak files when you make a package.



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thank you Ed

Just as an appendage to the above. If your looking to just store packs for future use, you can also use the UnrealPak.exe found in the engine binaries. You pass it a list of files and provide it a name, and it will package all your uassets up into a nice .pak file. You can import pack files directly into Unreal and it will unpack them for you. Its a handy way to essentially make your own vault of assets.

I made a little python UI for myself (though the batch commands are super simple) and its very handy to keep reusable assets contained for future or for sharing.

Use PrimaryAssetLabel.

Is there anyway to recombine the pak chunks into one pak after making them ?

can you give more explanation about “import pack files”, please?

You just import them with the import button, same as fbx’s or textures etc. upacks are a compatible file format for importing

, but maybe do you know which the best way to join pak (expample with some group models) when packaged game starting and read info from this?

I think you also need to enable: Generate Chunk Files in the packaging settings. Is it possible to make each pak file have its own encryption key (protection from piracy and modding)?

The issue I get is that every time I package the game (EVEN WHEN I CHANGE NOTHING), the .pak file sizes are different, and so you can’t properly do a version control.
How do you package the game so that the .pak chunks only get updated when you actually make a change?