Create material with no reflection, light spots or shadows

I’m trying to add a green screen to my level which I can add to in post. I’ve created a plane, and a green material, The issue I’m having is the lighting on my plane isn’t flat - there are shadows from objects, light spots and the green is also reflecting onto other objects.
Is there a way to make a totally flat colour?

Hello @The_Clean_Bandit !

What you need is a “Unlit” shader, a shader that doesn’t be affected by any light property.

Create a new material, select the “Result Material Node” (The big one on the right)
And in “Shading Model” change from “Default Lit” to “Unlit

When doing so, look that the “Base Color” option is disabled. (and a lot of others)
Connect your color node (or texture in case of using one) to the “Emissive Color

Now the object will have a unlit shader, but, as you can see here it’s still generating shadows.

The ability to cast shadows from an asset can be set in the object Details Panel.
Click the asset in the scene, and in the Details Panel look for Lighting tab and uncheckCast Shadows” option.

I hope this helps you!

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This is super helpful thank you!!! Only thing I’ve noticed is that other objects are picking up bits of the colour - see screenshot. Is there a way to prevent this?

You’re welcome!

I have been looking for information and tried a couple of things and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to make an asset to not “stain” other objects.

But I can tell you that this is happening because the material of the dirt.

So, if you open the dirt material, try increasing the roughness or decreasing the Specular.

Here is the threat where I find the solution

I hope this helps!

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Thx a lot

This are my settings

Hi! I have been following the same steps, and it still emits light. What I am doing wrong?

The steps are spot on for ue 4.*

Are you using 5?

In your material, Make sure these are set:
Material Domain: Surface
Blend Mode: Translucent
Shading Model: Unlit

Looks like it does the trick :slight_smile: