Create Low poly Game

what’s the best graphics engine to do a low poly fps/survival game? Unreal engine 4 - unity 5 - cryengine.
a game like this Before.

You could create a low-poly styled game in any of these engines. However, Unity has a flexible forward rendering pipeline which will allow you to use carefully-controlled sRGB buffers and MSAA. Used correctly, this can give your game a crisp stylized look that would be more difficult to accomplish in UE4 or CryEngine, since out of the box, they are more focused on realistic shading with larger numbers of light sources, realistic light response, etc.

Of course, like I said, UE4 is flexible enough to be adapted to any rendering style, but it might require more work and knowledge of the engine. There are already lots of good examples of stylized rendering with UE4. The thing that matters most for style are the artists and the vision for the game.

Of course, there is more to a game than rendering, And in that case UE4 gives you a lot more out of the box than Unity. A very advanced terrain system, AI, crowd behaviors, server-authoritative networking with prediction (very important), etc.