Create Lightning (bolt)

Hi guys!

I’m looking for create a lightning effect to improve my rainning weather.

First o all, I used the Searcher, and I don’t found anything.

For example, something like this:
Would be cool!

My problem with this, is that I’m working with UE 4.6.1… And it doesn’t have any lightning material like this.

Thank you very much!

You should be abel to recreate the particle system with the tutorial that you posted, because the ue4 particle system is just a little bit different :slight_smile:
So download UDK (UE3) and also recreate the material + follow the tutorial to create the lightning particle

Thanks to answer!

If I download the UE3, it contains the material?

Because in the tutorial that I posted, it only “shows” the material, but it’s very complex and it doesn’t be explained.

Thank you very much man! (i’m new in this “world”, I didn’t know that UE3 is UDK… :open_mouth: haha)

I cant check it for you (dont have the UE3 on my PC) but as far as I know it should be included -> just search for the same as in the video. :slight_smile:
You just have to choose the complete install when you are in the UDK installer -> default is with everything included


I instaled the ue3, and of course, the material is here…

But I have a problem…

I can’t export this material to ue4…

I tried to export each single texture to ue4 and then mount my material in the ue4 editor… but there is no way to export the textures…

All the material is in a udkPackage.upk…

Thank you very much!

You cant directly import stuff from UDK → you will have to export the textures manually. Do a right click on them - export - png. (just do this for learning, not for your final/commercial game!!) :wink:
But I personally would just create your own one in photoshop (shouldnt be a big problem), because ----->

"Thanks for your interest, but unfortunately use of UDK assets in UE4 is not permitted. Basically some of the assets in UDK were the result of specifically negotiated rights which don’t extend to UE4 use. "

Thank you!

I will look for it.

For now, I’m not making any game :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m only do personal projects to learn!

Well, I think that is imposibol to export it… :stuck_out_tongue:

When I tried to export it, it saids something like, that it can’t because its a part of udk pacakage…

Do you know of another tutorial to making lightnings, but in ue4?


Unfortunately no, but when I have time I could post you an instruction how to create your own lighting material + texture :wink:

Oh! It sounds very good!

Thank you very much man!