Create instance of a level in multiplayer - how?

I’ve an endless game and I’m curious how to replicate Instance of the level to all players. Anyone can help?

I’m using Create Instance blueprint node to create the instance and it’s working correctly without multiplayer.

Any feedback about this one?

Could you elaborate on what ‘Create instance of a level’ means? This may be engine functionality I’m not aware of. Where are you doing this from, the level blueprint? Posting a screenshot may be helpful.

There is a blueprint named “Create Instance” it will create instance of a level that you have in your persistent. I’m creating instances in Game Mode - everything is replicated but the instanced level is shown only in Serwer.

Have you had any luck with this one? I am looking into the same problem.

Same issue - works perfectly fine in singleplayer, doesn’t happen in multiplayer/dedicated server. Any updates/workarounds?

For anyone facing a similar issue - it seems to be related to the editor preview, if you switch to standalone mode in 4.7.6. it should work fine. At least for me that fixed it!

Either A) Multicast the event from the server so all joined players update (note, if you are using random variables for locations, then get the server to spawn the instance, save those variables, and pass them to a multicast that only runs on clients so stuff spawns in the same place for everyone).

Or B) Save the instance to a variable, make the variable rep notify, then on the notify, have the clients spawn the instance.