Create flickering material


I made a holographic screen in my project, it’s just a static screen for decoration with emissive light and some transparency.
I would like to make it more interesting by making it flick every 5 seconds or so with some noise.
I tried the panner and stepping panner nodes but the panning is continuous. Is there a way to add a pause?


Hey kinslayer233,

Two ways I’d go about this.

#1: Create a scalar parameter in the material that you use to multiply against the emissive that could range from 0 to 1 and animate it from Blueprints.
#2: Open up Photoshop and make either a grayscale cloud or RGB clouds with a different cloud variant on each channel (RGB). Then in the material, you can do something simple like panning over the values and using them to change but this will create a lot of variance and will be slightly different than controlling it from Blueprints but you could start with something like this…

Then do a clamp on it with 0 as the min and 1 as the max (unless you are trying to push the emissive values to glow) and multiply that against your base color. Both are different ways and have different end results but from the sound of it, the first option might be your best bet and also the most predictable and consistent unless you want the additional variance. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: