Create Dynamic Material Instance not work on Instanced Static Mesh component?


I want to change Instanced Static Mesh component’s material at runtime, but Create Dynamic Material Instance and Set Material not work on it.

Is there something wrong? Or how to?


Or is there any other solution?


Sombody correct me if am wrong, but it is imposible to have diferent materials on a Instanced Static Mesh.
But i do belive it is possible using UHierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent::

Hope this helps you out.

Thanks for your reply.

I just want to set it’s parent static mesh’s material, not every instanced mesh’s materials.

Do you know how?

Not sure about the Dynamic Material will work on a instanced static mesh.
So i can`t say for sure, but there should be a Set Material Function/Node.

Set Material or Create Dynamic Material Instance node will get a gray mesh, seems not work.

Hi alonezhby,
Just wanted to make sure you’ve set the material to be usable in ISM’s in the material editor?

It’s work now.

Thank you.