Create custom grass for UE4?

Okay, so I know this question has been asked plenty of times before, and yes, I have googled this. The best tutorial I have found is this: Creating Grass and Vegetation For Video Games - YouTube But here’s the problem, it’s for the wrong engine and I use blender. If someone would be kind enough to maybe translate this from 3ds Max to Blender, or assist me in finding a tutorial like this but for UE4 and blender I would greatly appreciate it :^)

how fluent in blender are you? the procedure is the same for all 3d programs, first you create a high poly plane, shape and bend it how you want, apply a colour you like, copy it and rotate it a few times to make a clump, then bake your diffuse, normal and any other maps you want. then you create a low poly billboard mesh, import it all to ue4 and set up a material.

if that seems like a lot of work for someone just starting out i suggest this video, the vid its self isn’t a tut, look in the description and follow whats written. it will also teach you a lot about materials.
- YouTube

also free from fighter5347

I’m decent really only in modeling. Texture work isn’t my thing haha, really the only conversion process I had trouble with was baking the maps in blender. Like in 3ds max, he used a projection plane and all that, but I got into blender and got super confused.