Create custom actor with attached sub-actors


I’m trying to achieve to create a parent custom C++ actor. Lets call it ANorthPole.
Northpole has three child actors, they will always be three.
All three are other custom actor C++ types, call them ASantaClaus and ARudolf.
Rough sketch of desired structure in Json notation:

"ANorthPole_1": {
	"child1" : "ASantaClaus_1",
	"child2": "ARudolf_1",
	"child3": "ARudolf_2"

The underscore notation are for runtime instances in the world outliner.

Translation, rotation and scaling “ANorthPole_1” should affect all three children.

When I click ANorthole_1 in World Outliner, I want to be able to edit ASantaClaus (child1) and the two ARudolf (child2, child3) in the details panel.

I would prefer it to be in the details panel and not as regular children since it’s harder to check that other people actually follow the rule-of-three here. (one santa, two rudolf).

Is this possible?
Or maybe I should ask instead: How can I do this?