Create a Tycoon and Survival game, how it works ?

Hi ! First of all, I have a bad English, so… sorry.
So, here’s what I want to make : I want to build a game similar to Fnaf Pizzaria Simulator. A game where you have to build a restaurant, and the night you have to survive . But, unlike to Fnaf Pizzaria Simulator, when the night come, you’re not at your desk, you can walk freely in the restaurant. But there is one major problem, I don’t know how to make the tycoon phase and the survival phase work together.
I explain myself. For exemple : In the tycoon phase you placed a ball pit in a room. Then, when the night come, you have few task, for exemple you have to take all the missing balls that fell of the ball pit. When you walk in the restaurant you can see all the element you placed in your restaurant, like posters, chairs, tables, everything…
For making this , I had few ideas, but I don’t know which one is the best.
So my first idea was to make two map, at the same size. One will be for the tycoon phase and one for the survival phase. The survival one has a ceiling and better graphics, because you can explore it. When you place something in the tycoon game, it placed it in the survival map too. The problem with this one, is to make the both map communicate with Bp. For exemple : I need to create an actor for the ball pit for the tycoon phase, and one ball pit actor for the survival map.
My other idea was to make only one map. A map for the tycoon and the survival.
I don’t know which one is the best. If you have any tips, or other ideas, don’t hesitate. Sorry again for my bad English. And sorry again if it’s not the right topic.
I hope I was clear, if not, I can give further information.
thanks in advance!

Hi, from what you have wrote, I would go with one map. You can always hide/deactivate stuff you don’t need during either phase.

Yup, sounds like one map is the way to go. You can switch out textures, lighting and objects as needed based on the scenario. Maintaining two similar maps would end up being a logistical nightmare in the end.

Thanks ! I will try it with one map! Hope it will work !

Make one map. When you’re walking around you can control the world that way, when you want to switch into a locked camera mode bring the player to a computer terminal area and then lock them in place and switch to a fixed camera.