Create a new static mesh out of existing static mesh

I place a cube from the Basic shapes category, then adjust its size. How do I create a new static mesh to go into my content library based on this new shape?

I know how to create a static mesh out of BSPs, but is it possible to create a new static mesh out of an existing static mesh shape?

to my knowledge, this cant be done thats a unity thing. static meshes need to be made with bsps or with a modeling program like blender or maya

Hello DigiMish,

It is possible, given the way you describe, by holding alt and then moving the box with the transform widget. However, when using objects such as Cubes, Spheres, and so on, that are part of UE4’s framework you will not see a new static mesh created in your content browser.

What you can do is find your Cube in your world outliner, right click and choose Find in Content Browser. From there you can duplicate the original cube and then bring that into your Viewport. Then you can adjust it’s properties.

I duplicated the CubeMesh in the Content Browser, renamed it to CustomMesh, dragged it into the world, and then used the transform properties to make it look different, then saved.

But when I drag the CustomMesh into the game world again, it’s just the regular cube - my custom size changes don’t seem to save.

I also tried something else - I brought in a stock cube into the world, adjusted its size, then made a blueprint out of it by going Blueprint → Convert selected Actor to Blueprint Class. Now, when I drag this new Blueprint into the world out of my content browser, it’s a cube UNTIL I let go of the mouse button and it actually gets placed in the world. Then, it turns into my custom shape. BUT when I spawn this object through blueprint, it’s just a cube again :frowning:

So I’m not sure if this is a bug, or unintended feature or what.

Not 100% on this but im guessing youre spawning the mesh and not the blueprint. Try making a new blueprint class, type actor then adding the static mesh component, then resize it the way you want Inside of the blueprint viewport. That should always save the way you edited it,

It does seem that this is intended workflow. As developers will import their assets to meet different scales and then adjust accordingly in game. The adjustments can then be adjusted within your viewport and the objects details. You could adjust this via blueprint as ViceVersa suggests but there is not a method of simply duplicating an object and making adjustments so that the cube persists within the content browser.

Here is a link to a tutorial that involves scaling through blueprints.

That totally worked - thanks! Now I don’t have to import assets in from a 3d program while I’m prototyping.