Create a fully lit room with dynamic meshes so I can turn off the lights in the room

So I have a game where the player is running in a bunch of hallways with no outside lighting. This means I have to use point lights and other smaller lighting systems like that. My problem is that the lighting doesn’t act like real lighting. I know that if I set all of my meshes to static, I can get that bounce light effect, which does light up the rooms the way I’d like. The problem is that I want to turn off or flicker the lights and with static meshes, the lighting is already predetermined so getting rid of the lights doesn’t really do anything. Is there any way I can light up the hallways better using dynamic meshes instead?

You could use Precomputed Lighting Scenario

Another option is the use of HDRI maps

HDRI only effects the lighting balance as to indirect lighting so between Lighting Scenarios and HDRI yo should be able to get the right lighting set up with out depending on dynamic lighting which is expensive and unpredictable as compared to static lighting