Crazy Golf

I’ve been working three days on this:

The realism mode (the thing that moves left to right quickly to change the direction) is optional. All HUD elements are placeholders.

My (still utopian) plans for what follows after this realistic-looking course:

  • Finding a name for this game
  • Local Multiplayer
  • More crazy courses with completely different themes and gameplay elements
  • Minigames
  • A shop to use earned ingame-money on unlocked customization objects (mainly clubs and *****)

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

I like the anticipation zoom for near the hole. Would be cool to slow time and muffle sound at that time. Was the interface hard?

looks pretty good:)

This looks like a nice game for the WII U if that can be made possible in the future :slight_smile:

Like it. How did you do the GUI?

hahaha, nice and fun!

Nice stuff.

Though, it’s seems there is a winning strategy by pointing the mouse a little on the side in order to click more easily on the corner instead of the center for the “realism mode”.

Thanks for the replies!

It was easier than I thought. I simply had to normalize the power or tilt value (coming from a timeline) to a range and multiply it by the I would use for a static texture.

Not anymore. I changed it so it goes either left or right when it’s pointing outwards. Only the center guarantees a certain direction.

Very funny. It´s seem i could spend hours playing with it. :slight_smile:

Bad news: All my blueprints are gone. I suddenly couldn’t load the project anymore. I deleted the start map entries from the config files and found out it crashes everytime it loads a blueprint. So I had to delete them all. The one in the backup folder refuse to work as well. Time to start over …

Ok, I guess this is canceled. For the fourth time all my blueprints are corrupted and I can’t load the project anymore.

It felt so nice to finally making my biggest dream (creating my own game) come true and now there is disappointment.

After redoing everything and adding more to it, I finally have a stable game with 15 holes available (I need ideas for the other three). If you like to test it, please send me a private message.


now that looks much better/more complete then it did before, nice job:)

maybe something with moving parts, like the standard windmill with spinning blades for example, I think using an actual windmill has been done to death but using something that has moving parts as an obstacle would be good.

This is looking good - still a way to go, but I can see huge potential!

Nice Work!! :wink:

Very cool!

The game has a very unique interface, and the the graphics are nice. This is certainly a game that I would play on my iDevices.

**** that is the problem with ue4

****, that really sucks.

Not to be that guy but: Backup! Backup! Backup! Get Perforce installed and start using it. When you run into issues like this, you can go back a few days rather than scrapping the whole thing. I’ve had issues like this a few times and more often than not, it’s a config file issue. Be sure to scrap all your temp files and config file before scrapping your game!

But, really. Perforce. SVN. Something. It’s saved my **** countless times.

It is not good to do any software development without using source control and/or iteratively backing up your work. It doesn’t matter what game engine or software program, they all crash, they all will corrupt your work at some point, or if not that you will accidentally mess it up.