Crazy amount of flickering with basic setup?

I followed the ‘Google VR Quick Start’ just to compare to Unity, and on my Nexus 6P, the edges/center of the screen flicker like mad, with just the ground plane in.

Any ideas what would be causing it, or how to fix it? The Unity Google VR setup worked as expected, I’m not sure what is wrong with the basic Unreal setup.

I was able to take a screen recording of what it looks like:

Any ideas?

I can’t really move forward with Unreal with it being so buggy.

Is there a stable version, and that by default it uses a alpha version?

Anyone use VR with Unreal? It’s just their basic setup…

Has Epic tested out VR with Unreal? Would be good to know whether they see this as well with the latest version of Unreal, and it’s just a bug in the current engine, or something else…

“chirp, chirp”
(tumbleweed blows through Epic Games Developer forums)

what FPS are you getting there (stat fps)?