CrashReportClient.exe "The ordinal 1002 could not be located... .. in dbgeng.dll"

I have been using the 3rd person template to develop a VR game, I mostly test in non_VR mode to speed things up using Xbox controller to fly around.

Today I started getting the above error as soon as I press play in the editor and sometimes when the map loads.
The error only appears in this project and its clones.
The error only appears once, when I close the dialog box noting appears to happen and the project can be played as intended.

Started a new VR starter project and do not get this error, have migrated most of my BP assets to this project with no problems.

I’m wondering if the error has anything to do with the Oculus update today?

I’m getting the same crash and error, but only when exiting vr preview. Using the Vive, so it doesn’t seem to be device specific. The project I’m working on is a fresh VR template.
I’ve had a similar problem some days ago, where a project didn’t want to open because of some dll error.
Is your new project still working ok?

EDIT: Found solution for my case; the problem started happening when I added a piece of funtionality in a blueprint. After deleting and rebuilding that piece of funtionality the error disappeared.